Visit our website and enter your address on the bar to check if The Offer Tree Offers are available in your area and if available, you will be directly taken to an online questionnaire form where you need to enter some of the basic information relating to your home(takes only a few minutes). If the home qualifies, within a few days you will receive an offer from The Offer Tree. If you accept the offer, we will conduct a complete home evaluation, seal the purchase deal of the property via a local agent, conduct necessary repairs and updates and then resell this home. Visit The Offer Tree page to learn more and get started.
There is no cost to request or receive an offer from The Offer Tree. If you choose to sell your home to The Offer Tree, you will receive a clear statement outlining if any fees are associated with the offer.
No, your information is sent only to The Offer Tree for review. Your home will not be listed on The Offer Tree or anywhere else due to requesting for an offer, and if you submit photos, they will not be shared to the public.
In order to participate in The Offer Trees Offers, you must be the owner of the home or have the authority to legally represent the owner.
You will need to provide the home’s address, confirm some basic home details(year built, square foot, no. of rooms, etc.) and answer few questions concerning updates or upgrades to the home, as well as other information relevant to the home’s value. We even encourage you to upload photos of the interiors and exteriors of your home. It only takes about three minutes to answer the questions and submit your request.
After you provide information about your home, it takes approximately two business days for us to prepare an offer. You need to accept the offer in five business days before the offer expires. But if your offer has expired and you are still interested in selling, we can update the offer at your convenience.
We strive to create offers at the highest value possible to sellers. There will be times when our valuations may not reflect proper due to missing or incorrect information. On such situations, we consider reprising the home if added or corrected information affects the value of your home.