What is “The Offer Tree”

The Offer Tree is your one-stop source to identify what outlet and avenue will allow you to to maximize the value of your home when you sell it.   We are an innovative and cutting edge business model; and, the ONLY company in the US that offers a platform of several different exit strategies for anyone that’s interested in selling their home.  Interested sellers will enter their property address along with the applicable info for their home; and, within 24 hours they will receive a detailed breakdown and full analysis re the approved offer price and terms for their home.  This approval will include a range of approved prices, timeframes to close within and most importantly the report will include the recommended proposal that makes the most financial sense for the seller as it relates to the approved price and timeframe to close.  This recommendation is created by a proprietary algorithm that’s derived based on the homeowners hot buttons and high priority needs and wants. 

Essentially what will happen is they'll submit their property address to us; and, very similar to TrueCar and/or Kelly Blue Book we will provide them with a financial deal sheet summarizing all of their selling options as it relates to purchase price and the closing time frame.  This model is going to be very similar to lending tree, but for people that are wanting to sell their home...many options presented to them to sell their home and a very detailed analysis re each selling option, so the owners can make the decision that works best for them from a timing and pricing perspective.